I went home to visit my parents this weekend. My Mom's birthday is tomorrow...Happy birthday Mom!


Tonight we had the final tournament for the fall volleyball league. It is sad to see this summer finally come to an end. I am going to have to do without volleyball until next summer. Here are a few pictures from tonight. We made it to the championship game and we came in second in the league. I am really proud of how well we played tonight.

This is my roommate Josh and the team captain Tracy. Normally they wouldn't sit this close must be the camera.
This is Mandy, Matt and their friend (I can't remember his name) Mandy is on the team and Matt and his friend showed up to watch. This was the first time I had met Matt, but he seems like a nice guy.
OK, I'm done with volleyball for the year and I feel good about how we did. I'm having a drink to relax and celebrate with my friends. It's too bad that Eric and Lonnie had to leave early so I don't have pictures of them right now.
This is Jeff. He sub'ed on our team a couple of times. His eyes don't normally glow.


Here are some of the first pictures I took while learning to use my new canon s100 digital camera. I have provided links to half and full quality versions of these pictures in the links below each one. Note that some quality has been lost due to the jpeg compression. If you are looking for a full featured paint program for windows, be sure to check out the windows port of the GIMP.

medium (163KB) full (1101KB) I have a pretty good view from my back porch. This picture was made of several shots that were combined and cropped automatically by software. The camera has a special "panoramic" setting which makes it pretty easy to take shots like this.
medium (42KB) full (167KB) I was trying to make a stupid face...I think it's a natural look for me. This is a simple shot with the camera on automatic settings.
medium (99KB) full (329KB) This was just something that was convenient to take a close up of...the RGB->NTSC converter that was on the floor behind me. The camera is in macro mode with automatic settings. I was suprised at how clear this shot came out.