My birthday, November 2

Here I am at Applebee's with two of my friends Michelle and Daidra.
Here are my roommates Josh and Eric.
Here's the happy couple of the group--Daidra and Chris.
Eric didn't waste much time in spilling ketchup on himself.
Here I'm receiving the complementary song and dessert.
This is Eric cool and relaxed.
Daidra and Eric are getting ready to light 'em up.
Me, Michelle, and Josh.
Michelle and Daidra looking good.
Michelle singing some ACDC.
Eric, pretending the brush is a guitar.
Eric, pretending to play the drums.
Michelle: "I like guys with wet hair".
Eric, after giving himself a swirlie to impress Michelle.
Michelle's reaction.
Josh and Eric, showing some skin.
Josh, Daidra, me, and Eric.
Josh, me, and Eric...No really Eric, my ear is already clean.
Just think--he could be your roommate.

Old pictures