Rocky Mountain National Park - Summer 2000


George, a recent Westpoint Graduate
Roger, a geek with a desk job

"These other hikers look serious"   "I'm ready, let's go!"

"This is Odessa Lake and I wish I had my fishing pole."

"There's Odessa Lake way down there on the left...not much use for that fishing pole anymore Rog."

"Man, I'm tired...We're almost at the continental divide. There's a herd of elk behind me if you can see them."

"We're on Bighorn Flats...there's some snow behind me."

"Rog, get your @$$ up! "   "Just a minu...ZZZ"

"OK I'm done playing frisbee now...I'll just sit down here for a while."

"We were up there about an hour ago...thank God we're not now!"

"Words fail me when we are reunited with the car again."

To be continued...