Captain Spectre Game

The goal of this project is to create a fairly simple action game based on Tom Floyd's Captain Spectre Web Comic. The game will be a vertical scrolling shooter in the style of 1942. The first work on this project began in September 2004.

From the beginning, I planned to develop a fairly flexible scrolling shooter game engine that would be controlled primarily through text configuration files. This has been mostly achieved and the remaining work is polishing the code and adding features. There is also a great need for developing graphics and other game assets.

The game is primarily being developed on Debian GNU/Linux using ANSI C and SDL and SDL_mixer. Linux and MSWindows are the primary development targets, but I also hope to do a Dreamcast port. It should be possible to port it to most platforms that are supported by SDL and SDL_mixer.

This has definitely been a learning experience for me. It is the biggest and most complex C program I have written. I'm sure that this will show through in some of the code and it is also one reason why it has taken so long.

2007-11-12 14:37

Posted contest release version of Captain Spectre game on the Downloads page.

2006-05-31 12:08

CVS Logs should be working for future updates now.

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