I have put together a mock-up control panel out of a cardboard box and I have tested some of my games. There appear to be problems with 3 of the arcade boards that I have. I expected a problem with the SFII board since the seller told me about it ahead of time. The Great Sluggers board has a problem with the player input. I tested this using a voltmeter. Normally, if you check the voltage across an input button on the control panel, it will be high (+5v in this case). I tested all of the player 1 controls and the Left, Down and Right on the control panel were low (0v) so I know that is where the problem is. After inspecting the board more closely, I noticed that somebody else had tried to fix this problem already. I also built a JAMMA adapter for my 1942 board (which works just fine...) because it uses a non-JAMMA connector (although it still has 56 pins). I should have pictures of all this up soon.