Pictures from April and May.

Easter with my parents and Great-Uncle Roger.
I went fishing with my dad and this is the first big walleye I've ever caught. (I ended up with a little sunburn too...)
Yep, Eric did actually graduate.
Left to right: ?, Kim, Daidra, Jen and Courtney.
Mel and Jen pose for a picture with Josh.
Wes, Daidra and Toby getting ready to play some cards but they don't realize that the deck is missing the jokers. Daidra is pretty determined to play cards though...
Daidra, Josh and Courney relax after playing the Maracas for hours.
Kim, Toby and Daidra.
Even Shannon was worn out from shakin' the maracas.
Ah, Jen and Pete were hiding in the kitchen playing cards.

Old Pictures